GO-TCHA (Pokemon Go)

1. As you will know, Pokémon Go has been a huge massive hit on iPhone and Android. 2. A very popular accessory is the Nintendo Go Plus bracelet which gives Pokémon alerts and allows the wearer to catch characters by pressing the button on the bracelet. 3. This is a must-have accessory and as such has been either sold out or in short supply since its Nintendo launch late last year. 4. There is a good opportunity here for a new product bracelet that is not only compatible but also has some amazing great additional features. 5. Go-tcha has a 0.69 inch OLED display which shows animated graphical alerts. The standard Nintendo bracelet only has a coloured LED with various sequences from which the user must figure out what is happening. 6. Although wearing the Nintendo bracelet means that the user does not have to look at the phone screen all the time, it still requires constant attention to the alerts and a quick button response. 7. Go-tcha has addressed this with its unique ‘Auto Catch’ mode which means that it will automatically respond to alerts without any input from the user. This can be easily set up to respond to all character alerts or just the characters that the user is trying to catch. 8. An avid user will know that the standard Nintendo bracelet requires new batteries pretty often and Go-tcha has this covered too. Go-tcha is simply rechargeable from any USB socket using the cable included.
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Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 290

Unique Go-tcha Wristband Pokémon Go Features Inc: Auto Catch on/off mode collects Poke Balls, Potions, Eggs & more without checking your smart phone, No Button Presses, Touch OLED Screen Animated Graphics, Vibration Alert, Rechargeable Battery & loads more

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