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Control Save Pack
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 31
MAX Control + Save for the PS2 boasts an excellently ergonomic controller and a 16MB memory card. Just the thing for PS2 newbies who need a second joypad and more room for their game saves! 
MAX Control+Save's Datel Mini Controller is an incredible piece of kit. Boasting ultra-responsive buttons, super-smooth sticks and an extra-long cable, this pad is 100% compatible with every PlayStation game ever released. Being a mini-pad, it's a little smaller than the official Sony controller, and therefore ideal for those with small hands. Or indeed anyone who finds their current PS2 controller a little too bulky.
Also included is a Datel 16MB MAX Memory card, which is twice the capacity of Sony's official card. It's a plug-and-play device which works straight out of the box with no additional software required.
MAX Control+Save is the ideal solution for those who want to boost their PS2 gaming experience. It's also the ideal gift for the discerning PS2 owner.
Robust design.
Extra-long cable.
Responsive buttons.
Ergonomic and comfortable.
Memory card twice the size of official card.
Plug-and-play convenience

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