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Slim Tool Battery
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 48
The easy way to play home brew games and applications on your unmodified PSP.




Our special TOOL version of the PSP rechargeable battery works in exactly the same way as a standard Sony PSP battery, but has the ability to put your PSP into Service Mode. This is a facility made available exclusivey to programmers and developers, allowing them to run software from a memory stick instead of the UMD - a vital means of testing the game you're developing on the PSP without having to get Sony to cut a disc for you.

With our bright red TOOL battery, you can access this Service Mode on your own, non-developers' PSP! Using the TOOL battery, you can run PSP software from your memory stick, by putting your PSP into Service Mode. It's easy!


  • Same power performance as the standard PSP battery.
  • Slimline profile fits inside your PSP's battery compartment.
  • TOOL functionality is hard-coded into the battery.
  • Lets you play home brew games without modding your PSP.

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