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DVD/CD CLEAN DR LASER LENS CLEANER (Exclusive 10 brush cyclone clean process)
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CleanDr® for DVD & CD Laser Lens Cleaner is specifically designed to safely clean DVD & CD console lenses. The 10- Brush Cyclone Clean process removes dirt and dust build-up on the lens of an DVD & CD that causes audio and video dropout and distortion.


• Cleaning the laser lens helps maintain the life of the DVD & CD, as well as improves image and sound playback.


• Exclusive 10-brush Cyclone CleanProcess removes dust, dirt, and debris.


• Includes sound calibration tools to help maintain ideal audio playback settings, with on-screen and voice instructions available in English, French, and Spanish.


Includes: CleanDr® for XBOX Laser Lens Cleaner and storage case

Name: CleanDr® for DVD & CD Laser Lens Cleaner

UPC: 659846419028



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