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DVD/CD SKIP DOCTOR ACCESORY KIT (Flexiwheel / Fluid / Cloth / Felt / Cleaning Solution)
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SkipDr® for DVD & CD Replacement Accessory Kit

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The replacement accessory kit is for use with the SkipDr® for DVD & CD Disc Repair + Cleaning System, the #1 Disc Repair System that fixes scratches that cause a disc to skip, freeze, and fail to play.

Trusted by over 8 million loyal customers.



• The patented FlexiWheel™ repairs up to 25 discs, and works gently enough to safely repair the same disc multiple times


• SkipDr® Rejuvenating Fluid is safe and environmentally friendly, and provides lubrication during the disc repair process


• CleanDr® Disc Cleaning Solution safely removes dust, dirt and fingerprints that cause skipping, freezing and distortion


Includes: Patented FlexiWheel™, SkipDr® Rejuvenating Fluid, blue drying cloth, felt buffing square and CleanDr® Solution


Not for use with Blu-ray or Playstation 3 discs

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