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Gioteck PS3 Megapack
Brand: Gioteck / Product SKU: 110

Gioteck have teamed up with VGA to bring you the best possible bundle deal to grace your playstation 3.

The bundle includes:

  • The Gioteck EX-01 Bluetooth Headset - Europe’s best selling PS3 headset. 
  • Gioteck’s RealTriggers -The clip-on trigger solution to Sony’s finger slipping problem! 
  • The Gioteck 1080p High Quality Flat HDMI Cable. 
  • VGA’s 4 port mini Hub - - A stylish USB hub that can hide almost anywhere, yet looks just as cool out on display.


    Gioteck Wireless Bluetooth Headset (EX-01):
    The EX-01 Wireless Bluetooth Headset has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, not mobile phones. So you can now maximise your game time without an irritating and uncomfortable earpiece!

    Gioteck Real Triggers for PS3:
    How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2 and always at a crucial moment in the game? Real Triggers put a stop to that happening ever again! Simply put, if you use a Sony PS3 Controller and you’re serious about gaming you should use these.
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