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PS2 Wireless Guitar
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 34
Be a guitar god with this wireless guitar for the Guitar Hero series, including the new Guitar Hero III!

The PlayStation 2 is going guitar-game crazy, with titles like Guitar Hero and its sequels storming the charts. And with MAX TV’s Wireless PS2 Guitar Controller, you too could be a hard-rocking guitar god. It’s ideal for the latest PS2 guitar game, Guitar Hero III!

Wireless PS2 Guitar Controller is wireless, so like your heroes in the world’s top rock bands, you don’t have to worry about tripping over the wires as you leap around on stage. The wireless controller has a 50-metre range, so if you’re close enough to see the TV, you’re close enough to play your cutting-edge trax or rock classics using your five multicoloured fret buttons. It’s got a responsive strum bar and a working whammy bar too! And unlike some third-party guitar controllers, the ‘tilt’ control which activates the Star Power is fully functional, so you don’t have to miss out on your bonus points!

Wireless PS2 Guitar Controller boasts a funky red design, and comes supplied with an adjustable strap. It takes four AA batteries, which are not supplied.


  • Compatible with all Guitar Hero games, including Guitar Hero III.
  • 50-metre wireless range.
  • Funky red design.
  • Includes adjustable strap.
  • Five fret buttons.
  • Responsive strum bar.
  • Working whammy bar.
  • Uses standard AA batteries

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