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One of the things that the PS3 Slim lost when it made the cut to a lower weight class was connectivity. The machine has only two USB ports where the older console had four.   In2Link module for the PS3 Slim. The module plugs into the two front USB ports on the PS3 and gives three powered ports on the front of the console.

The device also has an IR receiver built-in that lets you use IR remotes with the console. The module also has a retractable charging cable for controllers. Other models will launch later with units offering SD or CF readers.

With the release of the PS3™ Slim, Sony™ minimised the I/O facility which inspired Gioteck to offer the gamer an opportunity to customise the I/O functionality of their console!

The soon to be released In2Link range from Gioteck reintroduces those vital ports in the form of a module system. These build outwards from the ‘hub’ module which attaches seamlessly via two USB ports on the Slim’s front face, each module then adds additional functionality, and can be expanded according to individual users requirements.

The hub unit offers three fully powered USB ports, neatly concealed behind spring-loaded, doors and in addition a wide angle infrared for greater line-of-sight reception, an essential component when playing games such as Rockband™

The first add-on module is also due for release this year and offers a retractable mini USB charge cable, again neatly hidden behind a dust excluding door, keeping the components clean, and maintains the sleek exterior. Gioteck plan to bundle these two units offering a fantastic value pack for launch.


Planned modules for later release are SD Readers and Compact Flash.


Gioteck In2Link modules are beautifully designed to blend perfectly with each other, but more importantly with the PS3™ Slim itself

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