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PSP Component Cable
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 56
Make the most of the AV output on your new PSP Slim and watch your PSP movies on the big screen.

The new PSP Slim has an AV-out socket, through which you can connect your PSP Slim to your TV or video recorder.

Datel's new Component Cable for PSP Slim is an ultra high quality component cable designed specifically for making this connection.

Simply plug one end of the Component Cable into the AV-out on your PSP Slim and then the component plugs into your TV. You can then watch a movie played on your PSP, whether from the memory stick or on a UMD, on the TV screen instead of the console’s own screen.


  • Connect your PSP to your TV to watch movies
  • Works with movies stored on UMD or memory stick
  • Exclusively for the PSP Slim
  • Offers high definition playback

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