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PSP Action Replay Online (All versions inc 1/2/3000 + PSPGO) Multi Eng/Fr/Ger Box + Multi Disk
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Multi Eng/Fr/Ger Packaging + Multi A-Replay Disk

The full code engine powered PSP Action Replay is here, giving you access to the type of codes that made Action Replay world famous on platforms like DS, GBA   and PS2

Transform your PSP games with codes like Infinite Ammo, Infinite Lives, Disable All, Hypermode, Moon Gravity, Walk Thru Walls and Super Unlocks, getting you past seemingly-impossible points or breathing new life into games you’ve already completed.

New Code Updates

PSP Action Replay is one of the easiest Action Replays ever to update. If you have a WiFi internet connection, you can download new codes directly to your memory card or PSPgo memory, using your PSP’s web browser. If you don’t have a WiFi connection, use any internet-enabled PC to download code updates from, and then copy them to your memory card or PSPgo memory..

Datel’s team of code creators have been working hard to create codes for the huge back catalogue of PSP games, with most of the PSP’s top titles already included in Action Replay the code list. Code updates featuring codes for the latest block buster games are constantly available with excellent support assured for years to come..



  • Action Replay is the most powerful game enhancer available for the PSP
  • 100% code engine gives you real codes - not Powersaves.
  • Free instant code updates over WiFi* or via PC download.
  • Incredible in-game Action Replay menu means you can turn codes
    on and off in real-time!
  • Fluid, intuitive user interface that is fully customizable.
  • Works with the original SONY PSP the PSP 2000 & 3000 plus the new PSPGO.

*WiFi internet connection required. 
Uses the PSP’s built-in web browser. Memory Stick required for PSP 1000, 2000 & 3000.

Pack Includes

  • PSP Action Replay Set Up CD
  • USB to PC lead for set up and upgrading
  • Easy-to-follow instructions.

How It Works

PSP Action Replay installs and runs from your memory card (not included) which is inserted in your PSP whenever you use Action Replay. If you have a PSPgo then Action Replay installs to built-in memory.

When you select Action Replay it loads immediately, presenting you with a list of games. Select the game you want to play and you’re presented with a list of codes for that game.

Turn on whichever codes you want and then press ‘Start’ to play. Your game loads with your chosen codes in action. Incredibly, at this point if you would like to change the codes you’re using, you can do so using the in-game Action Replay menu, where you can make real-time changes to which codes are enabled. This fantastic feature hasn’t been seen since the days of the original PlayStation Action Replay!

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