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PSP TILT FX (PSP Versions 1000 only)
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 185


TiltFX™ delivers real ‘Tilt’ control using the 3D movement of your PSP. The TiltFX™ ‘G’ sensor features a 3 axis, high resolution MEMS accelerometer and powerful microprocessor that are designed to detect the motion of you PSP as you move creating a revolutionary way to play your PSP games.

TiltFX™ not only delivers revolutionary motion controlled game play, it also includes cool special effects to make your games even more fun. How about Super High Jumps, Zero G or amazing in-game tricks?

Custom ‘FX’ profiles have been created for many games. Just imagine 3D motion sensing control Plus cool special effects like Super High Jumps, Low G effects and more. Custom FX profiles are created for new game releases and they are FREE at

TiltFX™ is easy to install. Simply use the PC software supplied. Once installed just connect your PSP to your PC via a USB cable and run the install software. Now snap in the TiltFX™ ‘G’ sensor and your ready to play!


  • Play your games in a whole new way with Tilt FX™.
  • It’s so simple – plug in the Tilt FX™ sensor and start the game.
  • Tilt FX™ sensor features a 3axis high resolution MEMS
  • accelerometer and Microprocessor

Pack includes:

  • Tilt FX™ G sensor
  • Set-up CD

TiltFX™ delivers a whole new gaming experience!

Take your games to the next level with the latest motion sensing control. TiltFX™ works with all games by replacing the Direction controls with High Resolution ‘Tilt’ control so now the 3D movements of your PSP® actually control the game.

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