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Wii 1GB Trans Mem
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 94
A massive 1GB of data storage for game saves, music, pictures, downloads and more. It fits in your PC's USB port and your Wii's memory card slot, making it really easy to transfer materials between computer and console...

Wii 1GB Trans Mem gives you a massive one gigabyte of data storage for game saves, music, pictures, downloads and more. Featuring both SD and USB connections, Trans Mem will fit into your Wii's SD card port and also your PC's USB port, allowing you to move data between your computer and your console.

With Trans" Mem, you can exchange data downloaded with your Wii with your friends from all over the world. Just transfer it to your Trans Mem card, unplug the unit, insert it into your PC's USB port then email whatever you like to whomever you please. It's so easy!

No other accessories are needed. Built-in USB means there's no need for a clunky card reader, a dedicated adapter or specialised software. It's the ultimate plug and play device. And best of all, if your Wii's drive is filling up but there's nothing on it which you want to delete, you can archive material you're not presently using on your PC's hard drive. Just move it across and delete it from your Wii, then when you need it again, move it back. Wowzers!


  • Plug and Play simplicity.
  • A massive one gigabyte of data storage.
  • Offers both SD and USB connections.
  • Email downloaded content to your friends.
  • Archive Wii downloads on your PC.

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