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Wii Max Vii Guitar
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 79

It’s the ultimate Wii guitar experience!

Guitar games are currently the hottest property on the current generation of consoles, and Nintendo’s Wii is no exception. Trouble is, some of the guitar controllers out there just don’t look the part. Thankfully, with a Wii Max Vii Guitar around your neck, you look every inch the budding rock star, but do you have what it takes to beat the best in Guitar Hero III?

Boasting an exciting ‘flying V’ design, Wii Max Vii Guitar is a wireless controller, so there are no cables to tangle up as you play. It’s powered by the Wiimote that snaps into the body of the guitar, so you need no batteries either. It has five contoured fret buttons, a responsive strum bar and a working whammy bar. The neck of the guitar is detachable from its body, so it’s easy to transport, and the supplied strap fits either side of the fret board, so you can play left-handed as well as right-handed. It’s the perfect control solution for your Wii guitar games.


  • Exciting design.
  • Strap included.
  • Wireless controller.
  • Responsive strum bar.
  • Functional whammy bar.
  • No batteries required – powered by Wiimote.

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