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WII / PS3 SFG Guitar
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 116
Datel’s SFG Guitar is the ultimate one-guitar-solution for all your guitar games on Wii or PS3!

It’s fully wireless straight out of the box, and is compatible with all the top PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii guitar games, such as Rock Band and the Guitar Hero series so if you own both consoles or want a two-player guitar duel on your friend’s console, it’s ideal!

SFG Guitar has a detachable neck, so it’s easy to store and transport. It comes supplied with a fully adjustable guitar strap and offers five fret buttons, five fret select buttons, a responsive strum bar and a working whammy bar. It takes two AA batteries.

  • Fully wireless
  • Rock Band and Guitar Hero compatible
  • Five fret buttons and five fret select buttons
  • Adjustable strap and detachable neck
  • Sturdy, ergonomic design
  • Strum and whammy bars
  • Works perfectly on Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii

SFG Guitar for PS3 & Wii featues:

One guitar for all.
Works with Rock Band and Guitar Hero.
Funky design including adjustable strap.
Five contoured fret buttons.
Responsive strum bar.
Working whammy bar.
Play left or right handed.


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