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Action replay Evo Edition
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Action Replay MAX is the ultimate PS2 game enhancer, and this EVO Edition comes with a 16MB MAX Drive flash pen. Transfer codes and saves with ease, and back up your memory cards to your PC's hard drive!

Packed with even more playable cheat codes than ever and boasting the best code support of any video game enhancer, Action Replay MAX once again leads where others only dare to follow. It boasts an amazing array of game-busting codes, allowing you to beat any PS2 game with a whole host of 100% unofficial cheats that you won't find anywhere else. Instantly acquire MAX health, ammo and money. Unlock secret characters, levels, vehicles and much, much more. Blast your games wide open!
Action Replay's Advanced Code Engine (A.C.E.) will automatically download a game's codes direct to your PlayStation 2, in many cases before that game is even available at retail. What's more, Action Replay is the only cheat code system that will then automatically recognise your new PS2 game release, taking you straight to the specific codes for it. So why wait around until Day One for codes? And If that's not enough, MAX also includes DVD Region X, a dynamic region-enabler that lets you watch imported DVDs on your local PS2. Why wait months for a movie to be released in the UK when you can buy a DVD imported from America or Japan and get it before all your friends?
And to cap it all, this EVO Edition of Action Replay MAX also contains a 16MB flash drive and all the functionality of our MAX Drive product. Not got broadband? No problem. Action Replay is still easy to update, using your EVO Edition flash drive. You can archive your saves with the flash drive too, moving them to your PC using the provided software, and transferring them back to your PS2 memory card when you need them again.
New codes can still be entered by hand using a standard PlayStation 2 game pad, or via a compatible USB keyboard such as Datel's own PowerBoard. Action Replay MAX EVO Edition is quite simply the most advanced cheat code system ever developed, yet it's so easy to pick up and use.
Preloaded with over 30,000 powerful cheat codes for the latest and greatest PS2 games.
Blast your games wide open with infinite health and ammo, unlock characters, levels, vehicles and more.
Turn your PS2 into a multi-region DVD player and watch movies from other countries.
Pack up to ten times more data onto any memory card using the MAX Memory Manager feature.
Download game-busting PS2 game saves direct to your memory card.
The only cheat code system that recognises your specific game disc as soon as you insert it.
Unrivalled code support - the fastest codes for all the biggest and best games.
Intuitive game-style interface that's a joy to use.
Includes a 16MB flash drive and MAX Drive functionality.

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