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PS2 Memory Plus 64MB
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 23
EIGHT times the capacity of a standard memory card! You need never be short of save space again, even if you play memory-hungry sports sims, which often take an entire official 8MB card for a single saved position.

Now you can put an end to your memory card conundrums with the super-sized PS2 Memory Plus 64MB. It's EIGHT TIMES the size of a standard PS2 memory card. With Memory Plus, your game saves are in safe hands thanks to high quality, 100% secure memory manufactured by Toshiba and Samsung.

Using the card couldn't be any simpler - just plug it in and enjoy trouble-free gaming.


  • Now with USB support.
  • Built in memory card manager.
  • Eight times the size of a standard card.
  • Plug and play - no additional software needed.
  • High quality memory from Toshiba and Samsung.

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