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PSP Battery Charger
Brand: Datel / Product SKU: 51
With Battery Charger, you can charge your second battery without tying up your PSP, and extend its lifespan too. A fully discharged battery recharges in approximately two hours.

Rechargeable batteries have a finite lifespan, and the PSP battery is no exception. A PSP's battery has a preset limit of 500 charges, after which it rolls over and dies, and cannot be charged again. This charge limit is set by the manufacturer, and cannot be overridden when charging your battery in your console. However, Datel's Battery Charger contains an intelligent system that checks the state of your battery. If it's still in working order, it recharges even if it's reached its 500-charge limit. In most cases, the Datel Battery Charger lets you charge up to 600 times, extending its lifespan by 20%.

Battery Charger comes supplied with an in-car adapter in addition to the standard mains lead, so you can even charge your PSP battery while on the move. Battery Charger is compatible with both the Sony PSP battery pack, and with Datel's own MAX Power battery.


• Actual appearance may vary.


  • Compatible with the original PSP (not PSP Slim).
  • Charge your spare battery while using your PSP.
  • LED status indicator.
  • Increases battery life.
  • Includes safety features.

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